To Maximise everybody’s enjoyment

  • Play safely – clubs & balls can hurt
  • Play in maximum groups of 4
  • No club sharing (it slows down play)
  • Invite faster players to play through
  • Move to the next tee as soon as all in your group have putted out
  • Avoid Slow Play

To Protect the Course

  • Play all tee shots from the mats
  • If your ball lands on the wrong green, move it well away from the green before playing your next shot
  • Repair all pitch marks on the greens
  • Keep golf bags & trolleys off the greens
  • Replace all divots
  • Please rake the bunkers to give everybody the chance of a fair shot

Local Rules

  • If your ball is in any ditch or lake you may play another ball at the nearest point under penalty of one shot
  • At busy times we suggest you pick up after 7 shots and mark an 8 on your card

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